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    Suzanne Steinmetz, M.S.

    Works with children, adolescents, and families

    Suzanne Steinmetz is a Child and Adolescent Therapist who works with ages 5-18 years old. She has experience counseling children and adolescents with anxiety, depression, ADHD, emotional regulation issues, and difficulty coping with life changes and/or family stressors. Suzanne obtained her Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology in 2021 with a focus on child and adolescent counseling. She involves parents in the sessions with children since parental involvement in counseling has a big impact on making long-lasting changes and progress. Suzanne is projected to have her clinical license (LPC) this summer. 

    Suzanne has experience counseling children and adolescents in a school setting, outpatient, and in an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program. She is skilled at connecting with children and uses creative interventions to teach and practice the tools they are learning in sessions.