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    Counseling for Children & Teens

    At Magnolia Counseling LLC., we specialize in therapy with children and teens. Many children are reluctant to talk directly about their feelings in counseling. Our therapists use creative interventions to help engage them and provide a safe place to identify and express their feelings. We use a variety of creative interventions such as art, play, and activities. We teach children and teens tools to help them feel capable of overcoming the difficulties in their life and improve their self-confidence. Parents are involved in sessions to increase communication and learn ways to support their children.

    Our therapists are skilled at treating anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-worth, emotional regulation issues, ADHD, behavioral issues, and social skills. Changes in the family can create stress for children/teens and often they need to process these experiences such as divorce, parental addiction, and grief/loss. In sessions, we give them the space to share their stories and help them cope in a healthy way.


    ​​Groups are offered occasionally throughout the year to help children and teens connect with their peers on similar issues such as anxiety, dealing with divorce, and social skills. Groups allow children to see that they are not alone in their struggles. Together, group members are able to gain new perspectives and tools to cope in a better way.