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    Counseling for Parents

    Parenting Support

    Is your child acting out more and having trouble coping with big feelings? We can help you learn new ways to respond to your child in those really challenging moments. Our therapists work with parents that have children with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and difficulty managing emotions. It can be exhausting to navigate these challenges on your own. You don’t have to do it alone, we’re here to help!

    Individual Counseling for Parents

    Our practice also sees parents for their own individual counseling whether it’s related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or wanting to grow personally. Being a parent can bring up issues from your own childhood and upbringing. These unresolved issues or trauma can lead you to react in ways you aren’t happy with and can negatively shape how you see yourself as a parent. In counseling, we can explore how past issues have shaped you as a parent and help you let go of the parts that no longer serve you.

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